I thought it might be interesting to take a look back on 2019 and take a look at all of the stuff I worked on in the course of a year. There have been some huge shifts in my life and I think it comes through in a lot my work.


It was a relatively cold night in January when I got out for the first shoot of the year. Haley, who is always down for whatever I throw at her, was happy to help me put together a few images to use as a pitch for a webseries.

ft Haley Holtslander


In February I went out to Vancouver because my dad had to get a medical procedure done and my mom isn't real comfortable travelling in a different city, so I was more or less her body guard. To my surprise my parents picked the coolest possible.

I don't know a ton of people in Vancouver but luckily I got connected with Kristina and we were able to shoot at this rad location. I only had the Blackmagic and my old Zenit-E 35mm camera so I ended up with an interesting combination of work.

ft. Kristina Harnett with The Numa Network

When I got back home from Vancouver I feel like something had clicked in. I feel like this is often something that happens when I'm able to get out of Regina. This set was a change in direction that would be apparent throughout my work moving forward.

ft Beki Stilborn


I find this shoot really interesting because the first half of the shoot I spent shooting that way I would usually shoot; a hard direct light to create an edgy look. Then I started experimenting with the soft glowy look again.

ft. Haley Holtslander

If I'm not mistaken, which is entirely possible because this is mostly going by memory, I shot Autumn the next day after I did the pizza and whiskey shoot with Haley. I think at this point I was completely convinced and was ready to explore a new direction.

ft. Autumn Kroeskamp with Stray Model Management